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     As Ford’s new Truck Marketing Manager, Lee Iacocca’s first message to Ford’s sales staff began with the obvious “1957 can be a big truck sales year for you for two important reasons. First, the 1957 line of Ford trucks is a completely new line with new styling and new models, offering greater sales potential than ever before. The completely new Styleside pickups plus the Ranchero provide every Ford salesman with a strong product edge over competition. You have the line of trucks to really make the most of your truck sales opportunity. Second “the truck market is growing and growing fast.

     Ford claimed that “the 1957 Ford trucks have stepped over and beyond the rest of the industry in five major areas:

1. Functional Styling- which means superior appearance as a result of matching beauty to power with a practical purpose.
  1. Driver Comfort and Convenience- which means the utmost in ease of operation
3. Exclusive Safety Factors-pioneered by Ford for greater protection of lives and property.
  1. Load Handling Ability- no equal in the industry in providing maximum payload capacities matched by rugged and powerful operation components
5. Power- A broad line of engines, transmissions, and axles matched to provide the right power for the job.

     Although Ford Abandoned the rounded outer surfaces of the 1953-1956 models in favor of a squared off appearance with distance body surfaces for the new F-100, the trucks successfully retained a visual kinship with the older F-Series. A major contributor to this “Ford Look” was a " wide sweep” grille with a prominent center bar with six rectangular cutouts positioned at the grilles outer extremities. The circular parking/ directional lights. Positioned within the separate nacelles, were still located directly beneath the head lights.

    The ribbed surface of the F-100’s hood joined the air intake of a new “Hi-Dri” ventilation system at the windshield base. The intake was fitted wit h an integrated rain trap and was operated by dual controls that could provide fresh air to the driver’s area., the passenger or both.

      Only the faintest vestige the form of raised ribs over the wheel cutouts, remained of what had been the F-100’s distinct front fenders. Now the impression was of a vehicle joined together in a unified fashion. Underscoring this development was the designation of a new Styleside pickup F-100 model. The older pickup box design, with its wood floor with steel skid strips and outside running boards positioned between the cab and body was still offered as the Flareside model. Both pickups base models listed for $1,789 .
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